Peruzzi Praises Davido’s Unmatched Generosity and Unwavering Support in Candid Podcast

‘Amaka’ Crooner Opens Up About the Exceptional Professional Bond with Mentor Davido

In a heartfelt revelation, popular Nigerian singer Peruzzi has publicly lauded the extraordinary generosity of his colleague and mentor, Davido, shedding light on their remarkable professional relationship.

Peruzzi, widely known for his hit track ‘Amaka,’ shared insights into their first encounter, highlighting a key aspect of their collaboration that sets it apart from industry norms. According to the talented artist, Davido has never charged him a single dime for their collaborations, features, or any other professional partnerships they have engaged in.

In an industry where fees for collaborations are commonplace, Davido’s consistent decision to waive any charges for Peruzzi has become a noteworthy exception. Peruzzi expressed his deep gratitude for Davido’s selfless nature, emphasizing that not a single naira has been exchanged between them for any professional endeavor since their initial meeting.

One of the standout features of their collaboration, as revealed by Peruzzi, is that he receives his full royalties for every project they undertake together. This departure from the norm underscores the unique and supportive nature of their working relationship.

The ‘Amaka’ crooner further revealed his unwavering commitment to reciprocate Davido’s kindness by remaining fiercely loyal to him. Peruzzi sees loyalty as his way of repaying the abundant support and opportunities that Davido has consistently provided throughout their association.

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As the music industry often witnesses complex dynamics, Peruzzi’s candid acknowledgment of Davido’s unparalleled generosity adds a positive and uplifting dimension to their professional camaraderie.

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