Mayorkun Faces Continued Allegations from Nickie Dabarbie Amid Legal Action

In a continued saga of accusations and legal threats, social media influencer Nickie Dabarbie has persisted in dragging Mayorkun into the spotlight over money ritual allegations, disregarding the pending lawsuit against her.

In a recent post, Dabarbie made a direct allegation against Mayorkun, stating, “Mayor was there that night… I also saw other artists. But before the ritual, they left and left Skiibi alone. They all knew!! They all knew!! But Mayor was the one that made me drink the COFFEE. He made a video confirming that the drink was good, and Skiibbi showed it to me to convince me to try it. That was why I tried it!! I for stay my papa house.”

This accusation comes shortly after Mayorkun initiated legal action against Dabarbie, citing defamation of character and seeking damages of one billion Naira. Despite the impending lawsuit, Dabarbie has persisted in her claims against the “Mayor of Lagos.”

The controversy stemmed from a single video shared by Dabarbie, leading to a series of events that have been challenging to follow.

According to Dabarbie’s account, she was invited by Skiibii to a boat cruise, after which she claimed to feel disoriented and not in control of her senses. Subsequently, at Skiibii’s residence, she alleged that coffee was offered to her after certain incantations were spoken.

Dabarbie recounted arriving at Skiibii’s house in a haze, causing some damage and injuring herself. The situation escalated in a video where she appeared distressed and engaged in heated exchanges with Skiibii and other individuals present.

The narrative around the coffee incident has evolved, initially implicating Skiibii but later shifting the blame to Mayorkun.

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Following these events, Dabarbie sought medical attention at what she referred to as an “occult clinic,” subsequently sharing updates on her experiences with the public.

Skiibii responded to the allegations by stating that he would cooperate with authorities, while Mayorkun pursued legal recourse against Dabarbie.

As the controversy unfolds, it remains a complex and contentious issue, drawing significant attention from the public and highlighting the challenges of navigating social media conflicts in the digital age.

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