Men are Crazy But We Can’t Do Without Them -Tiwa Savage (Video)

Afrobeats Star Discusses the Irreplaceable Role of Men in Women’s Lives

In a recent interview, Nigerian superstar Tiwa Savage delved into the intricate dynamics of relationships between men and women, inspired by her latest collaboration with fellow artist Simi. The song, “Men Are Cr@zy But I Still Want One In My Bed,” reflects on the complexities yet undeniable presence of men in women’s lives.

During the conversation, Tiwa Savage expressed her admiration for Simi, describing their collaboration as “magical” and emphasizing the essential role men play. She acknowledged men’s eccentricities while asserting their irreplaceable significance in women’s lives.

“My collaboration with Simi is titled ‘Men Are Cr@zy But I Still Want One In My Bed.’ The inspiration behind it is that men are cr@zy but we can’t do without them,” Tiwa Savage shared.

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