Tiwa Savage Encourages Women to Embrace Financial Independence

Tiwa Savage, the renowned Nigerian musician, has taken the stage to advocate for women’s financial autonomy and the importance of maintaining their independence. During a recent concert, the celebrated artist highlighted the significance of women being self-reliant and self-sufficient. Tiwa Savage emphasized that having her own financial resources is crucial, and she expressed her desire for a partner who matches her vigor.

Speaking passionately to the audience, the artist made it clear that her intent was not to promote financial gains through relationships, often referred to as ‘runs,’ but rather to encourage women to revel in life’s pleasures while maintaining financial autonomy.

“I am not encouraging runs, I am not saying you should go after a man for his money but I’m saying it’s sweet when you also spend your money,” Tiwa Savage articulated during her performance. “Because I have my own money as you can see. So all I am saying is you need to match my energy because they will still break your heart anyway. So it’s better for you to cry with your Christian Dior-Dior-Dior, your Birkin bag, and your private jet to Dubai.”

Tiwa Savage’s message resonated with the audience, promoting the idea that women should not be solely reliant on their partners for financial stability. Instead, she encouraged women to embrace their financial freedom and pursue life’s finer things.

Watch her below:

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