Mercy Eke Contemplates Voluntary Exit from BBNaija All Stars House Following Heated Altercation

In a dramatic turn of events, BBNaija All Stars housemate Mercy Eke found herself in a tearful and vulnerable state during her recent diary session. The reality star expressed her desire to voluntarily exit the house, a statement triggered by a heated altercation with fellow housemate Alex the previous night.

The tension between Mercy Eke and Alex reached a boiling point after a disagreement that stemmed from the Guinness game. The verbal exchange escalated into a heated argument, leaving both housemates visibly upset.

The crux of the dispute emerged when Mercy Eke commented on Alex’s reaction to losses or failures, suggesting that Alex often displayed unhappiness and frustration. This observation triggered an intense reaction from Alex, resulting in an exchange of harsh words.

During her diary session, Mercy Eke disclosed her emotional turmoil over the situation. She revealed that despite initially dismissing Alex’s comment of “go and die,” the weight of it gradually began to affect her. She expressed her typical resolve to be strong but admitted that the emotional toll of the incident had led her to reconsider her perspective.

Mercy Eke openly discussed her difficulty in dealing with feelings of loneliness, a sentiment she despises. She acknowledged that the confrontation with Alex and its aftermath left her feeling isolated. She confided in Big Brother that the argument with Alex caught her off guard and left her feeling sorrowful. At that moment, she contemplated leaving the house, as the emotional burden had become overwhelming.

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