Nigerian Comedic Sensation Nasboi Credits Success to Nollywood Icons

Social Media Propels Nasboi’s Career as He Draws Inspiration from Veteran Comedians

In a recent interview, Nigerian content creator Lawal Nasiru, widely known as Nasboi, attributed his comedic prowess to the inspiration he gleaned from veteran Nollywood comedians, John Okafor (Mr Ibu), Charles Inojie, and Francis Odega.

The 33-year-old skit-maker revealed that while he learned from his contemporaries, he also sought guidance from seasoned entertainers who significantly influenced his career trajectory. Nasboi emphasized that his appreciation for the veteran comedians extended beyond age boundaries, stating, “I don’t restrict myself to only my age grade. In fact, I love veterans a lot because they inspired me. I learned how to be funny by watching the likes of John Okafor, aka Mr Ibu; Charles Inojie, and Frank Odega. I learned some gestures from them, so I will always respect them. I am also friends with some of them.”

Highlighting the impact of social media on his career, Nasboi acknowledged the pivotal role it played in catapulting him to fame. He underscored the ease with which one can showcase talent and make a livelihood online, citing social media as a powerful tool that allowed him to kickstart his acting career and become a director.

The content creator urged aspiring talents to harness the positive aspects of social media, emphasizing its potential for learning and financial gain. Nasboi stated, “Social media has helped my career in several ways. I am sure many people would not have known me if not for social media. Going online to showcase myself is easy. All I just need to do is act and make money online. It is now easy to make money online, as long as one has the talent. Social media helped to kick-start my career in directing, acting, and promoting my content without disturbing everyone. Forget about the negativity it (social media) brings, one can easily learn a lot and make money from it,” Nasboi added.

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