Twitter Critic Daniel Regha Bluntly Rejects Nasboi’s Dance Challenge Amidst Ongoing Feud

Controversial Influencer Declines Peace Offering, Deems ‘Umbrella’ Lyrics Terrible

In the latest episode of an ongoing feud, controversial Twitter critic Daniel Regha has coldly rebuffed Nasboi’s attempt to reconcile through a dance challenge featuring his latest song, ‘Umbrella.’

The Twitter influencer recently incurred Nasboi’s displeasure by offering unsolicited advice on his vocal performance during a live stage appearance. Seeking to mend fences, Nasboi extended an invitation for Daniel Regha to join him in the viral challenge, which has seen participation from notable figures like Don Jazzy and Sabinus.

However, in a rude and unapologetic response, Daniel Regha dismissed the peace offering, criticizing the lyrics of the song and instructing Nasboi to communicate privately in the future.

In his curt statement, Regha expressed, “Hello @iamnasboi, I appreciate the thought but unfortunately I’m not a fan of the song due to the terrible lyrics, plus u should’ve reached out to me via DM. Asking publicly won’t get me to say Yes. Looking forward to ur next projects tho, hopefully u drop ur first hit song this year. No offense.”

The public rejection adds fuel to the ongoing disagreement between the two personalities, leaving fans and followers curious about the future developments in this online clash. Nasboi’s attempt at reconciliation appears to have fallen on deaf ears, as the rift deepens with each passing exchange on social media.

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