Nollywood Actress Anita Joseph Defends Support for Mercy Eke Amid Backlash

In a recent turn of events, Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has found herself at the center of a social media storm after vigorously campaigning for the victory of Big Brother Naija All Stars show contestant, Mercy Eke. While many have questioned Mercy Eke’s participation in the competition, citing her previous win, Anita Joseph remains steadfast in her support.

Anita Joseph, a devoted fan of the reality show, took to her Instagram page to rally support for Mercy Eke as the competition entered its final stages. However, her campaign received a barrage of criticism from those who argued that Mercy Eke’s past victory should allow others to shine.

In response to the backlash, Anita Joseph posted a follow-up message, expressing her unwavering support for Mercy Eke. She questioned whether it was a crime for the reality star to potentially win the competition for a second time. Anita Joseph challenged those critical of her stance, asking if they believed themselves to be on par with divine judgment.

Her Instagram post read: “My comment section is fire. Wetin dey worry una sef. Ihi Mercy ga eri unu haba. She won before so the frikin waaaaaat? So is a crime to win twice right? Says who ara gbachie unu nti there oh. Are you God taaaaa gbafuo nu there. Stop creating Enemies up and down cos of Big Brother Shalom @official_mercyeke 120 million we can’t wait God do it again you did it before Amen.”

As the competition’s finale draws near, it remains to be seen whether Mercy Eke will secure her second victory and whether Anita Joseph’s unwavering support will prove to be a decisive factor in her journey to claim the grand prize.

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