Ike Suggests That Tacha Could Have Won ‘Pepper Dem’ Edition of Big Brother Naija Not Mercy

Ike Onyema, has shared his perspective on the outcome of the “Pepper Dem” edition of the reality show, asserting that Natacha Akide, popularly known as ‘Tacha,’ might have emerged as the winner had she not been disqualified from the competition.

Recalling the events of the 2019 season, Tacha’s journey on the show was cut short due to her disqualification following a heated physical altercation with Mercy Eke, who eventually clinched the title of the winner. The episode remains one of the most talked-about moments in the history of the reality series.

In a recent conversation with fellow ‘All Stars’ housemates Pere and CeeC, Ike shared his belief that the outcome of the season could have been different if Tacha had remained in the competition until the finale. “Tacha would have won [‘Pepper Dem’] if not for disqualification,” he remarked, expressing his perspective on how Tacha’s strong presence might have influenced the outcome.

Cee-C also weighed in on the topic, stating her opinion that Mercy’s popularity among the viewers was a significant factor that contributed to her victory. “She was not supposed to win. Mercy would have won, regardless. She was the choice of the street,” Cee-C commented.

Ike further added to the discussion, noting the contrasting treatment of housemates’ actions within the show. “That one didn’t get disqualified despite her many, many offences. Don’t worry, this life!” he concluded, alluding to the varied consequences and decisions that unfolded during the course of the “Pepper Dem” edition.

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