Nollywood Star Tonto Dikeh Applauds Pastor Jerry Eze for Record-Breaking London Program

Renowned Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has expressed her admiration for Pastor Jerry Eze, a prominent clergyman, following his recent program that garnered significant attention in London. Dikeh, who watched videos of the event from the comfort of her bed, revealed that the experience gave her goosebumps.

The celebrity pastor successfully captivated an audience of 70,000 people who gathered at the Excel Arena in London for a powerful worship session. Dikeh, speaking on the event, acknowledged that Pastor Eze’s groundbreaking achievement is a clear manifestation of his divine calling.

In her praise for the clergyman, Dikeh emphasized that he has been specifically chosen to impact lives and lead souls to the kingdom of God. She marveled at the large number of individuals who witnessed the light and willingly identified with it, stating that over 70,000 people experienced a spiritual awakening through Pastor Eze’s ministry.

Tonto’s awe-inspiring response to the event comes just days after her 38th birthday, on which she publicly expressed her gratitude to Pastor Jerry Eze for generously gifting her a substantial sum of money. Although the actress later deleted the Instagram post, she profusely thanked Pastor Eze for his generosity and prayed for him never to lack.

However, a Nigerian journalist named Moji Danisa raised questions about the clergyman’s motive for giving such a sizable donation to Tonto Dikeh. Danisa took to Instagram to express her skepticism, cautioning Pastor Jerry Eze to steer clear of “Nollywood Drama Queens” and casting doubt on Dikeh’s claim that she received money from him.

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While the journalist’s comments sparked a debate regarding the pastor’s financial gestures, the focus remains on Pastor Jerry Eze’s remarkable London program, which left a profound impact on Tonto Dikeh and countless others who attended. As the event continues to garner attention, Pastor Eze’s ministry remains dedicated to spreading the light and influencing lives for the glory of God.

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