Phenom Alleges That Burna Boy Received $5 Million Advance from Atlantic Records in 2017

Nigerian rapper Phenom has shed light on the financial aspects of the music industry, revealing the alleged amount Grammy award-winning singer and performer Burna Boy received from Atlantic Records. During an interview with the podcast show, The Yarns, Phenom claimed that Burna Boy secured a staggering $5 million advance payment upon signing with the international record label in 2017.

Phenom attributed the deal to the efforts of Nigerian-American music executive Matthew ‘Baus’ Adesuyan, owner of Bad Habit, a mini-label imprint of Atlantic Records. Adesuyan is said to have played a pivotal role in connecting Burna Boy with Atlantic Records, paving the way for his international success.

Phenom’s revelation sparked discussions about the financial rewards and challenges faced by Nigerian rappers. He openly stated that money would be his primary motivation for returning to the studio, highlighting the financial struggles that many Nigerian rappers face.

Phenom further elaborated on the pressures faced by rappers, citing Odumodublvck as an example. He suggested that artists might be forced to alter their musical styles if offered significant financial incentives, potentially compromising their artistic integrity.

This interview has reignited the debate on whether the rap genre provides adequate financial benefits for Nigerian rap artists. The lack of substantial financial rewards could be a driving force behind the genre-bending experimentation seen among many Nigerian rappers today.

Watch the interview below:

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