Phyna Opens Up About Relationship with Big Brother Naija All-Stars Winner IleBaye

Former BBnaija Winner’s Recent Instagram Statement Sparks Questions About Their Friendship

In a recent Instagram story, former BBnaija winner Phyna shared insights into her connection with Big Brother Naija All-Stars winner IleBaye, leaving fans curious about the true nature of their relationship.

When a fan inquired about her closeness with IleBaye, Phyna’s response, “I thought I was,” hinted at a potential distance in their friendship. This revelation is noteworthy given Phyna’s consistent support for IleBaye during her time in the Big Brother Naija house.

Throughout the competition, Phyna was known for her steadfast support, and reports emerged post-departure that IleBaye expressed gratitude towards Phyna. The recent statement, however, raises questions about the authenticity of their friendship.

Phyna, recognized for her controversial nature, was recently involved in a video controversy alongside BobRisky. Speculations about her reaction being linked to BobRisky’s scent were dismissed by BobRisky, who clarified that Phyna’s response was due to harassment she faced from local troublemakers.

Additionally, Phyna had a public dispute with music star Davido, who admitted not knowing her. In response, Phyna criticized Davido, including his personal life choices.

As Phyna navigates public attention, her recent statement about her relationship with IleBaye adds complexity to her public image, prompting fans to seek clarification about their friendship.

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