Tacha Takes on Davido: Calls Singer’s Apology to Phyna Insincere and a Setup for Online Backlash (Video)

Reality Star Criticizes Davido’s Apology, Asserts It Was Not Genuine and Intended to Fuel Internet Trolls

In a recent turn of events, popular reality star Tacha has taken aim at Nigerian music sensation Davido, accusing him of delivering an insincere apology to fellow artist Phyna and orchestrating a situation that led to her facing online criticism.

The controversy ignited when BBNaija star Phyna publicly called out Davido for liking a tweet that was critical of her. Davido quickly responded, attributing the incident to an honest mistake and claiming he was unaware of Phyna’s identity. This explanation, however, triggered a storm of reactions online, with some BBNaija alumni dragging the music star for allegedly shading Phyna.

Tacha, known for her outspoken nature, stepped in to support Phyna, reassuring her that there are many who recognize and appreciate her. In a recent video statement, Tacha asserted that Davido’s apology was far from genuine and instead seemed designed to expose Phyna to the harsh criticism of netizens.

The reality star highlighted the prevalence of online trolling and emphasized the need for celebrities to be mindful of their words and actions. Tacha recalled a past incident involving comedian AY, whose joke about Davido sparked controversy. Despite AY’s stature in the comedy world, he promptly apologized, a move that Tacha commended.

According to Tacha, if Davido genuinely wished to apologize, he should have done so sincerely or, perhaps, refrained from commenting altogether. The reality star expressed concern over the potential impact of such incidents on artists’ mental health and urged for more responsible behavior in the public eye.

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The unfolding drama has sparked discussions across social media platforms, with fans and followers expressing varying opinions on the matter. As Tacha’s critique gains traction, the spotlight remains on Davido and the dynamics of celebrity apologies in the digital age.

Watch Tacha’s candid remarks in the video below:

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