Pretty Mike Applauds Portable as “Man of the Year” Amid Criticism

Socialite Defends Singer’s Persona and Highlights Family Responsibility

Nigerian socialite Pretty Mike has stirred conversations by lauding singer Portable as the “Man of the Year,” simultaneously addressing critics who consistently scrutinize the artist’s personality and appearance.

In a recent social media post featuring Portable alongside his wife Bewaji, Pretty Mike unequivocally hailed Portable as the standout figure of the year. He took a direct stance against those who disparage Portable, particularly criticizing his perceived rough demeanor and questioning his appeal to women.

Defending Portable’s character, Pretty Mike emphasized the significance of a man’s ability to provide for his family. He argued that this fundamental trait is what truly matters and remains attractive to women, irrespective of external appearances. Pretty Mike highlighted Portable’s responsibilities in providing for his family, which include paying rent, school fees, and other necessities for three women. This, he asserted, sets Portable apart from individuals who may seem more refined but fail to fulfill their familial duties.

In his statement, Pretty Mike addressed the criticisms directed at Portable, stating, “I see many people insult Portable; they said he is too loud, he looks dirty he needs to go for full body scrub, they wonder what those women are doing with him bla bla bla.” He continued by emphasizing that a responsible man like Portable, who takes care of his family’s needs, will always be appealing to women.

While clarifying that he is not promoting polygamy, Pretty Mike used Portable’s example to illustrate the value of responsibility and the reasons why many women may prefer a man like Portable over others who may possess refined appearances but lack commitment to their families.

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Pretty Mike’s remarks have sparked discussions on social media, with many echoing his sentiments about the importance of family responsibility and challenging societal norms regarding appearance and attractiveness.

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