Pretty Mike Sparks Outrage with Scandalous Appearance at Event: Storms Event with a Woman Tucked in a Luggage box

Lagos Club Owner’s Latest Stunt Raises Eyebrows, Drawing Sharp Criticism for Alleged Disrespect to Women

Renowned Lagos socialite and club owner, Pretty Mike, has once again found himself at the center of controversy following his scandalous appearance at a recent event. The celebrity barman, known for his eccentric entrances, arrived dressed as an underwater goddess, accompanied by a lady concealed in a box, sparking a wave of outrage on social media.

In a video shared on Pretty Mike’s Instagram page, the socialite is seen making a dramatic entrance, carrying a traveling bag that later reveals a lady inside. The woman emerges from the bag, kneels, and pays respects to Pretty Mike, a gesture that has fueled criticism, particularly in light of his perceived track record of belittling women.

The video has ignited a storm of disapproval, with comments pouring in from displeased social media users. Pretty Aku expressed her dissatisfaction, stating, “This is one man I know that has no atom of respect for women. Even the women he’s using absolutely have no respect for themselves.”

Susylicious Hawt echoed similar sentiments, declaring, “It’s now boring. It doesn’t make sense anymore.” Other comments condemned Pretty Mike’s actions, questioning the respect he allegedly lacks for women and urging a reevaluation of societal values.

This recent incident follows a series of controversial appearances by Pretty Mike, including his inappropriate behavior at a nightclub, where he faced backlash for his conduct. Social media users criticized him for his actions, with some calling for accountability.

In June, Pretty Mike stirred the internet with his arrival at comedian Warri Pikin’s wedding renewal, where he brought a human sacrifice. His repertoire of outlandish performances also includes dressing as a one-eyed man leading blindfolded ladies, emphasizing his self-proclaimed title as the “King of the Blind.”

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As Pretty Mike continues to push boundaries with his attention-grabbing antics, the public’s response underscores a growing unease and calls for a reexamination of the boundaries between entertainment and societal values.

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