Primeboy Addresses Mohbad’s Death Allegations in Exclusive TVC News Interview

In a compelling turn of events, Ibrahim Owodunni, popularly known as Primeboy and the subject of a police manhunt in connection with the death of Oladimeji Aloba, aka Mohbad, has spoken exclusively to TVC News before voluntarily surrendering to the authorities. Primeboy vehemently denied any involvement in Mohbad’s tragic demise and raised questions about the police’s handling of the case.

During the exclusive interview, Primeboy refuted the accusations leveled against him, asserting his innocence in Mohbad’s death. He specifically contested the claim that the police had formally invited him for questioning, stating that he discovered his wanted status online.

Additionally, Primeboy took the opportunity to provide insight into his last encounter with Mohbad. This part of the interview is expected to be of particular interest to the public and authorities as they seek to piece together the events leading to Mohbad’s untimely passing.

Watch hi speak below:

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