Reality Star BBNaija Chichi Embraces Past as Stripper, Inspired by Cardi B (Video)

BBNaija star Chichi has recently opened up about her past as a stripper, expressing no regrets and a strong sense of empowerment from her previous occupation.

In a candid message shared on her Instagram, Chichi revealed that she has no issues acknowledging her history as a stripper and would willingly choose the same path again if given the chance. She emphasized that her inspiration stemmed from rapper and former stripper Cardi B, crediting the musician for influencing her to embrace her past without apology.

Expressing her gratitude towards Cardi B’s impact on her life, Chichi highlighted how the rapper’s journey motivated her to be unapologetically herself and to own every aspect of her life, including her time as a stripper. She emphasized that being a stripper provided for her needs when no one else could, leading her to see no reason to hide or deny that part of her life.

In her message, Chichi wrote:

“I woke up to see that my fave Cardi B has commented on my tweet. She has truly inspired my life and changed it without even knowing. Cardi B made me realize that I can be whoever I want to be in life. I will never regret my time as a stripper, nor will I deny it. Why would I deny an occupation that met my needs when no one else was there? If given the chance, I would choose it again and again.”

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