Rema Takes a Break from Performing for Health Reasons

Afrobeat Star Pledges to Rest and Recover After O2 Arena Show

Renowned Afrobeat artist Divine Ikubor, popularly known as Rema, has disclosed his decision to step away from stage performances temporarily, citing health concerns as the driving factor.

The announcement comes in the aftermath of Rema’s headline performance at the illustrious O2 Arena on November 14th, where he captivated a sold-out audience of 20,000 with a spectacular show. Making a grand entrance wearing a mask and dark attire while riding a stationary horse, Rema enthralled the crowd by singing his latest single, “DND.”

Transitioning seamlessly, the Afrobeat star incorporated an exhilarating display of Indian dancers flanking him as he delved into a lyrical rendition of his hit track, “Iron Man.”

However, in a poignant social media post following this memorable concert, Rema disclosed that he will not be gracing any stage in December. The artist acknowledged neglecting his health amidst years of relentless touring and expressed the need to take a hiatus for recovery until 2024.

In his heartfelt message, Rema stated, “Breaks my heart to say that I won’t be performing anywhere this December, been years of touring I’ve ignored my health & I need time to recuperate. 2024 we go again. ❤️”

This decision underscores Rema’s commitment to prioritizing his well-being and emphasizes the toll that the demanding schedule of an international artist can take on one’s health. Fans and industry peers alike are sending their support and best wishes for Rema’s swift recovery as he takes this necessary break from the spotlight.

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