Reality Star Vee Reflects on BBNaija Romance: Neo and I Would Have Been Better Off as Friend

Reality Star Believes Friendship Would Have Been Possible

Former Big Brother Naija lockdown housemate Vee has opened up about her relationship with her ex-lover Neo in a recent interview. She revealed that she believes it would have been better for them to have parted ways as friends after the show ended.

Vee explained that she had developed feelings for Neo from the moment he entered the house, and she decided to take a chance on their relationship. However, she now believes that it would have been healthier for them to have ended their romantic involvement after the show concluded.

She elaborated on her reasons, stating that the intense experiences they shared during the lockdown, coupled with the public scrutiny they faced, put a strain on their relationship. She felt that Neo was the only person she could relate to due to their shared experiences.

Vee further explained that if they had gone their separate ways, they might have been able to maintain a friendship. She acknowledged that her perception of relationships has changed due to the public’s tendency to overinvest in celebrities’ personal lives.

Despite her reservations about public relationships, Vee expressed that her overall outlook on love remains positive. She stated that her experiences have not deterred her from pursuing meaningful connections, but she has learned to be more cautious about the public’s involvement.

Watch her speak below:

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