Reality TV Star Symply Tacha Sparks Age Controversy Ahead of 23rd Birthday

Renowned reality TV sensation Natacha Akide, popularly known as Symply Tacha, has ignited a storm of speculation on Instagram with the revelation of her impending 23rd birthday. However, this announcement has set off a flurry of discussions among netizens, leading to varied opinions and widespread debate about Tacha’s actual age.

Contrary to the four-year gap since her celebrated 23rd birthday during her time in the Big Brother house in 2018, online speculators have raised questions about the authenticity of Tacha’s age. Some suggest that she might be concealing a more mature age, with speculative figures ranging from 28 to 40. This has triggered a cascade of debates and discussions regarding the credibility of her claim to be turning 23 once again.

This controversy is not unfamiliar territory for Tacha, as echoes from a past Twitter post in April resurface. During that instance, she confidently declared her age as 23, facing accusations of living in a fabricated reality. Unfazed by skepticism, Tacha defended herself against critics, emphasizing the need for understanding sarcasm and reiterating her commitment to staying true to herself.

The roots of this age-related discourse trace back to Tacha’s time in the Big Brother house in 2018, where she initially proclaimed her 23rd birthday. The repetition of this age claim has left many perplexed in the present, questioning the accuracy of her statements.

As social media platforms buzz with debates and discussions surrounding Tacha’s age revelation, the spotlight is now on how she will address these speculations and whether this controversy will leave a lasting impact on her public image. Netizens eagerly await Tacha’s response to the swirling debates as her 23rd birthday approaches.

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Famous Reality Star’s Unexpected Wishlist

Adding to the intrigue, the reality star turned On-Air Personality (OAP), Tacha Akide, expressed overwhelming joy ahead of her ’23rd birthday’ while listing expected gifts from her fans. Despite claiming to be 22 years old, Tacha will actually be turning 29 on December 24, 2023, just a day before Christmas.

Taking to her Instagram page, Tacha addressed her curious fans who inquired about her birthday plans. Instead of detailing festivities, the OAP shared her excitement for fans to fulfill her elaborate wishlist. The wishlist includes coveted items such as an iPhone 15, a PS5, cash gifts, a watch, more perfumes, and numerous endorsement deals.

“Tomorrow is my birthday, and all of you are asking what I’m doing. I am doing wishlist acceptance. I need a PS5, I need cash gifts, a watch, more perfumes, more endorsement deals, and so many other things. I have tried, send me gifts,” she cheerfully exclaimed. Tacha’s unconventional approach to birthday celebrations adds another layer to the ongoing discussions about her age.

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