Tacha Akide Breaks the Internet Again with Sizzling Bikini Photos Ahead of 28th Birthday

Former BBNaija Star Stuns Fans with Bold Instagram Post Following Recent Outfit Backlash

Reality TV sensation Tacha Akide, known for her unabashed confidence, has once again sent the internet into a frenzy with a jaw-dropping bikini photoshoot, just days before celebrating her 28th birthday.

The former Big Brother Naija contestant took to her official Instagram account to share a clip of herself donning a bikini, showcasing her stunning physique. This move comes in the aftermath of criticism she faced for her two-piece outfit at the Big Friday event on Cool FM. The snapshots from the event sparked negative comments and disapproval from some of her fans and critics alike.

In response to the recent controversy surrounding her choice of attire, Tacha boldly presents a closer look at her bikini, revealing even more than what fans might have expected. The caption accompanying the Instagram post reads, “Ass AND THIGH Match!!!🚨🚨 December Baby!!!! BTDAY Coming UP!!! You Ready!!!?? Naah, I don’t think soooooo.”

With her upcoming 28th birthday on the horizon, Tacha seems unapologetically ready to celebrate and make a statement. The reality TV star has consistently used social media to connect with her fans, often sharing glimpses of her life, fashion choices, and upcoming ventures. As the internet buzzes with reactions to her latest post, Tacha continues to keep her followers intrigued and engaged in the lead-up to her birthday celebration.

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