Tacha Akide’s Past Tweet Sparks Controversy Amid Ongoing Feud with Davido

BBNaija Star Faces Backlash as Old Social Media Post Resurfaces

In a surprising turn of events, BBNaija reality star Tacha Akide finds herself in the spotlight once again as an old tweet from 2018 resurfaces, revealing her past plea for a sexual encounter with popular musician Davido. The revelation comes amidst an ongoing feud between the two personalities, sparked by Tacha’s recent social media criticism of Davido’s alleged bullying behavior and god-like complex.

The controversy unfolded when Tacha took to social media to share her thoughts on Davido’s demeanor, accusing him of being a bully with a god-like complex. In response, curious netizens began delving into Tacha’s past, unearthing a tweet from 2018 that took many by surprise.

In the resurfaced tweet, Tacha expressed eagerness for a sexual encounter with Davido following the announcement of his hit song “Assurance.” The explicit statement did not stop there, as Tacha went on to plead desperately for Davido’s love, creating a stir among social media users.

The rediscovery of these tweets has intensified the ongoing feud between Tacha and Davido, prompting a wave of reactions from netizens who are eager to share their opinions on the matter. The resurfaced tweets have added a new layer to the narrative, creating a buzz within the online community as fans and critics alike weigh in on the controversial revelations.

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