Rema Makes Waves at 2024 Dreamville Festival with Stage Walkout

Nigerian Afrobeats Star Addresses Sound Issues and Advocates for African Artists’ Equality

The 2024 Dreamville Festival in North Carolina witnessed a significant moment when Nigerian Afrobeats sensation Rema made headlines with an unexpected stage walkout during his performance. The incident occurred on Sunday, drawing attention from fans and organizers alike.

Rema, known for his hit songs, was in the midst of delivering a rendition of “Calm Down” on the festival’s second day at Dix Park in Raleigh. However, his performance was marred by persistent sound problems, which disrupted the flow of his set and led to his decision to halt the show abruptly.

Frustrated by the ongoing audio issues, Rema took the microphone to address the audience directly. He used the moment to advocate for equal treatment of African artists on international stages, expressing his disappointment with the sound quality and its impact on his performance. In a passionate outburst, he stated:

“Hold on, there are too many sound issues. It’s messing up my whole performance. I’m seriously not feeling this sht. I’m representing Africa, and this is too messed up. If the sound cannot be perfect for every artist that gets on this stage… Africa is in the house, and you are messing sht up.”

The Dreamville Festival, founded by American hip-hop star J. Cole, is an annual celebration of music, culture, and creativity, attracting artists and fans from diverse backgrounds worldwide. Rema’s outspoken moment shed light on the challenges faced by African artists in global music events and sparked conversations about the need for fair treatment and technical support for all performers.

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