Shatta Wale Reveals Origin of Rift with Burna Boy in Candid Interview

Ghanaian Artist Unveils Details Behind Former Friendship Turned Feud

In a recent interview, renowned Ghanaian singer Shatta Wale shed light on the reasons behind his feud with Afrobeats sensation Burna Boy, disclosing that their once-strong friendship deteriorated due to a misunderstanding.

Shatta Wale recounted that he and the Grammy Award-winning artist were close friends before their relationship soured. He attributed the rift to a misunderstanding that arose when one of his acquaintances allegedly informed Burna Boy that Shatta Wale had been involved with his girlfriend.

Expressing disappointment in the situation, Shatta Wale lamented that instead of addressing the issue directly with him, Burna Boy chose to spread the rumor to others. In his view, Burna Boy, as a friend, should have contacted him to clarify the matter.

“Burna Boy heard from one of my guys that I sacked that I slept with his girlfriend. You see he is my G, him for call me,” Shatta Wale expressed during the interview.

Watch the interview excerpt below for Shatta Wale’s full statement on the matter.

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