Skit Sensation De General Shares Insights into His Dating Preferences

De General, a popular skit maker, has recently provided insight into his personal perspective on dating, offering a candid explanation for his choice to pursue romantic relationships with girls aged 18 to 24.

In a video that he shared, De General delved into the reasoning behind his dating preferences, shedding light on his decision to exclusively date within a specific age range. The skit creator disclosed that his motivation behind this choice is rooted in his desire for a less complex and more carefree dating journey. He further explained that his decision to avoid dating women over the age of 24 is tied to his concerns about the potential pressures associated with more mature relationships, particularly regarding the push for marriage. De General suggested that this expectation may not align with his current life aspirations and objectives.

De General went on to elaborate that he finds women within the 18 to 24 age bracket to be more inclined towards enjoying the dating experience without the burden of rushing into a commitment. According to his observation, individuals in this age group often approach relationships with a more relaxed and easygoing attitude, which resonates with his own preferences.

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