Social Commentator Solomon Buchi Criticizes Reality TV Star Tacha, Defends Mummy Zee’s Family

Buchi Slams Tacha’s Alleged Wayward Behavior, Questions Her Morality in Heated Twitter Exchange

In a recent social media spat, social commentator and writer Solomon Buchi has stepped into the ring to defend Mummy Zee, leveling sharp criticism at reality TV star Tacha for what he deems as wayward behavior.

Taking to his Twitter account, Buchi didn’t hold back as he slammed Tacha, highlighting Mummy Zee’s contented family life while accusing Tacha of wasting away in waywardness.

Buchi’s words were direct and cutting, asserting that Tacha’s initial rise to fame came through her online presence as an “Instagram call girl” who frequently showcased her cleavage adorned with a bold tattoo of Davido between her breasts. The social commentator further claimed that Tacha dropped out of Big Brother due to a troublesome attitude and subsequently resorted to opening a GoFundMe account, alleging a history of seeking financial assistance from her fans.

Responding to Tacha’s claims about Mummy Zee’s success being fueled by donations from netizens, Buchi presented screenshots purportedly showing Tacha soliciting funds from her own followers. He questioned the legitimacy of someone simultaneously battling body odor and what he referred to as “brain odor,” deeming it a colossal disaster.

Expressing disdain for Tacha’s alleged lack of class, morality, and maturity, Buchi pointed to her recent podcast appearances as evidence of her uncouth behavior.

In a now-deleted post, Solomon Buchi condemned Tacha for targeting Mummy Zee’s entire family in her criticisms, emphasizing that even if there were issues between the two, dragging her husband and daughter into the feud was unjustifiable.

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Buchi’s words were unequivocal: “Nothing warranted you bullying a WHOLE family because of your ugly heart. Even if Mummy Zee offended you, why drag her husband and daughter?”

See a screenshot of the post below:

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