Stefflon Don Escalates Feud with Jada Kingdom, Releases Obituary Photo and Diss Track “DEAD GYAL WALKING” on YouTube

DEAD GYAL WALKING” Hits Airwaves as Singer Amps Up Verbal Warfare Over Burna Boy Affair

In the latest twist of a brewing celebrity feud, British rapper and singer Stefflon Don has taken her ongoing clash with ex-best friend Jada Kingdom to new heights. Stefflon Don has not only released obituary photos of Jada Kingdom but has also dropped a diss track titled “DEAD GYAL WALKING” on YouTube, intensifying the publicized war of words fueled by allegations of Jada Kingdom’s intimate involvement with Burna Boy, Stefflon Don’s boyfriend.

The diss track, “DEAD GYAL WALKING,” serves as Stefflon Don’s musical response to the controversy, adding a dynamic layer to the verbal sparring between the two artists. The release comes in the wake of an Instagram post where Stefflon Don shared an obituary picture of Jada Kingdom, challenging her fans and followers to express their readiness to attend the supposed “funeral” by commenting the ⚰️ coffin emoji 100k times.

Listen to the song below:

Jada Kingdom, seemingly unfazed by the provocative move, took to the comment section to dismiss the post as corny, showcasing a defiant response to Stefflon Don’s escalating tactics.

The feud began with allegations that Jada Kingdom had been romantically involved with Burna Boy, prompting Stefflon Don to publicly address the situation. Jada Kingdom, in turn, criticized Stefflon Don for not approaching the issue directly and instead resorting to jabs and insults.

Despite Jada Kingdom’s denial of any romantic involvement with Burna Boy and her declaration of a healthy relationship with Pattison Funton, the conflict has continued to unfold in the public eye. Stefflon Don’s latest releases add a new chapter to the ongoing drama, leaving fans and followers eagerly awaiting further developments in the high-profile feud.

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