Tacha Akide Takes on Critics Over Podcast Remarks- “Most of you don’t think for yourselves”

Nigerian Media Personality Challenges Crowd Mentality and Calls for Deeper Understanding

Nigerian media personality Tacha Akide has taken to social media to address the crowd mentality exhibited by critics in response to her latest podcast episode with Phyna.

The radio host found herself in the midst of controversy following unfavorable comments made during the Spill it with Phyna podcast. Critics quickly took to various platforms to express their disapproval, leading to a wave of backlash against Tacha.

However, the media personality has fired back, claiming that those criticizing her lack intelligence. Tacha argues that the snippets and videos circulating online only represent teasers of their complete conversations, emphasizing that the context is often missing from these clips.

Tacha asserts that the prevalence of fake news is perpetuated by the tendency of people to follow the crowd without delving into the full content of discussions. According to her, the ease with which misinformation spreads highlights the need for individuals to critically examine the entirety of conversations rather than relying on partial snippets.

Furthermore, Tacha believes that a pre-existing bias against her influences people’s perceptions, making them quick to dismiss her statements without attempting to understand the underlying context.

The media personality remains steadfast in her stance, urging her audience to engage with the complete podcast episodes to gain a comprehensive understanding of the discussions. As the controversy unfolds, Tacha emphasizes the importance of promoting thoughtful discourse over the prevalent crowd mentality often seen on social media.

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