Tems and Manager Expose ATL Jacob’s Alleged Lies Over Grammy-Winning Song

Nigerian Singer Calls Out Famous American Producer for False Statements and Requests Wire Check

Nigerian singer Tems and her manager, Muyiwa Awoniyi, have taken to social media to publicly address and dispute claims made by the renowned American producer ATL Jacob, accusing him of spreading falsehoods.

Tems, known for her relatively low profile and lack of involvement in controversies, surprised many with her outspoken response. The dispute revolves around ATL Jacob’s alleged statements that Tems refused to clear her original song, ‘Higher,’ which played a pivotal role in creating their Grammy-winning collaboration, ‘Wait for you.’

According to Tems, the producer falsely claimed that Drake, the renowned American artist, was the one who reached out to clear the song. Furthermore, ATL Jacob allegedly stated at the Grammy Awards that Tems need not thank him for their joint victory.

In response, Tems and her manager vehemently refuted these allegations, labeling ATL Jacob as a liar and suggesting a need for a “pathological liar” check on his part.

ATL Jacob defended himself, challenging Tems and her manager to provide evidence of when he spoke ill of her. Tems, in turn, promised to increase the financial reward if ATL Jacob ceases making false claims against her.

The Grammy-winning song, ‘Wait for you,’ featured collaborations with American artists Drake and Future, with ATL Jacob serving as the producer. The public exchange has stirred attention online, marking a departure from Tems’ usual low-key presence in the industry.

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