Tems Reveals She Has Never Been in Love and Disagrees with Love is Blind

Singer Shares Her Thoughts on Love in Latest Interview

Famous singer Tems has revealed that she has never been in love and shared her thoughts on why she disagrees with the saying “Love is Blind.” Speaking on a recent episode of the Flow With Korty show, the 28-year-old artist expressed that love is not something that happens blindly but is experienced consciously and with full awareness.

Tems explained that being in love involves a conscious decision where one chooses to be with someone despite their flaws. She believes that true love is about seeing a person clearly and still wanting to be part of their life.

“I haven’t been in love,” Tems admitted. “Loving someone for me is more about seeing them and still wanting to be in their life, even though they might annoy me sometimes. I choose you, and I choose you.”

She emphasized that infatuation is often mistaken for love. “If you’re blind, that is not love,” she said. “Love is when you’ve seen the person, all their flaws, and you still want to be with them. I want someone to see my imperfections and still say, ‘Yeah, give me some of that.'”

Tems’ candid remarks offer a refreshing perspective on love, highlighting the importance of acceptance and conscious choice in romantic relationships.

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