Terry G Sparks Controversy: Declares Himself a Secular Musician Singing for the Devil (Video)

Nigerian Artist’s Bold Statement Stirs Debate on Role of Secular Music and Religious Themes in the Industry

Nigerian musician Gabriel Oche Amanyi, better known as Terry G, has ignited a firestorm with his recent candid declaration, asserting himself as a secular musician who sings for the devil, raising questions about the role of music in society and its relationship with religious themes.

During a preview for an upcoming episode of The Honest Bunch Podcast, Terry G offered insights into his perspective on secular music, suggesting that it often veers towards glorifying the devil rather than celebrating God.

“I am a secular musician. I sing for the devil. We [secular musicians] sing for the devil, we praise the devil. We don’t glorify God,” Terry G asserted in the teaser, sparking immediate debate and discussion among listeners.

In addition to his remarks on secular music, Terry G also commented on the evolving music style of fellow Nigerian artist Wizkid, implying that it may not resonate with all audiences, particularly those from his own background.

“Wizkid’s music doesn’t always resonate with us. Most of us from my generation are not highly educated,” he remarked, offering his perspective on the changing landscape of Nigerian music.

Terry G’s bold statements come on the heels of his recent announcement of the end of his music career, a decision he conveyed through a heartfelt video shared on social media. In the video, the artist expressed gratitude to his loyal fan base while apologizing for the unexpected news.

Acknowledging the significant impact of his fans on his career, Terry G’s message underscored the complexities of the music industry and the personal journey of artists navigating their creative paths amidst shifting cultural and societal dynamics.

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