Tragic Revelation: MohBad’s Wife Discloses the Singer’s Struggles Leading to His Demise

In a heart-wrenching revelation, the wife of the late Nigerian singer MohBad has shared the tragic cause of her husband’s death. She disclosed that the talented artist had been grappling with overwhelming unhappiness and constant fears while battling against individuals who posed a threat to his life.

MohBad’s wife revealed that his happiness had gradually waned, and he became increasingly anxious, even after the birth of their child. As a devoted family man, he constantly worried about the safety of his loved ones and urged his wife to leave for the sake of their child. She recounted his struggles, which involved frequent confrontations and the burden of negative labels imposed upon him.

The artist tragically passed away, leaving behind a grieving widow and a poignant plea for peace. In her emotional statement, she detailed his struggles and the fears that had haunted him throughout his life.

She wrote: “Nothing made him happy anymore, even after seeing his baby; he became more worried. Now a family man, he didn’t want anything to happen to us. He always said to me, ‘Wunmi, please go for my baby’s sake. I wouldn’t want these people to harm you and him; it will break me. You just go, let me face them myself. Ilerioluwa, rest in peace. You really need that peace.”

Expressing her profound grief, she emphasized that her husband had endured an arduous journey, marked by pain and relentless threats. He had lived in constant fear, facing battles wherever he went. MohBad had never experienced sustained happiness, as he was unfairly labeled as a junkie and subjected to stigmatization that affected his mental well-being.

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In her poignant words, she lamented, “This Nigga struggled till death, too many pains, threatening. He has always lived with fears, continuous fights everywhere he goes too. He has never been happy for a whole day. He was called a junkie, a mad person, mental issue so the public would have another view about him. He’s dead; at least, you all won, take your trophy. Y’all made me a widow at 24 years. Olorun idajo re daaaa.”

The untimely passing of MohBad has sent shockwaves through the Nigerian music industry and among his devoted fans, prompting reflection on the challenges faced by artists in the limelight.

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