Warri Pikin Expresses Gratitude as Husband Surprises Her with Public Display of Affection

Nigerian comedian Anita Asuoha, popularly known as Warri Pikin, has shared her heartfelt appreciation for the positive changes in her husband. The renowned entertainer, who recently celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary with a grand renewal ceremony, is currently enjoying a vacation in the beautiful destination of Zanzibar.

In an unexpected turn of events, Warri Pikin revealed that her husband did something completely out of character, leaving her pleasantly stunned and lost for words. She disclosed that her husband has never been keen on public displays of affection (PDA) and consistently turned down her requests for public affectionate gestures.

Warri Pikin admitted that she eventually gave up on urging him, accepting his stance on no PDA. However, to her delightful surprise, while enjoying their vacation on the beach, her husband took her aback by planting a kiss on her lips without any prior warning.

The spontaneous act caught Warri Pikin off guard, prompting her to remind her husband that they were in a public setting. Nevertheless, he seemed undeterred by her warnings and continued to shower her with affection. Overjoyed by the unexpected display, Warri Pikin took to Instagram to express her profound gratitude to God for the positive transformation in her husband.

“Last night can only be God,” she wrote in an Instagram post, clearly elated by the sudden change in her husband’s behavior.

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