Anita Brown Releases Diss Track ‘Womanizer’ Aimed at Davido

Anita Brown, who is alleged to be the side chic of popular artist Davido, has followed through on her promise to release a diss song titled ‘Womanizer’ targeting the artist. A few days ago, she had teased the release of the song on her Instagram story, and now the full track is out.

The lyrics of ‘Womanizer’ carry strong messages, with lines such as “Everyone, you’re married, but I didn’t know. Tell me why you lied to me; tell me why you’re trying me. Womanizer… Womanizer.” In the song, she seems to express feelings of being deceived and wronged.

In recent hours, the alleged pregnant side chic of Davido shared the complete track on her page, encouraging women to stand up for themselves and refuse to be mistreated or used and then discarded.

Watch a snippet of the song below:

The song’s release has sparked significant attention and discussions on social media, with fans and followers weighing in on the controversy surrounding Davido and Anita Brown. As the news spreads, it is likely to generate further discussions within the music and entertainment circles.

Both artists’ fans and the public at large will be watching closely for any potential response from Davido to the diss track as the situation continues to unfold.

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