Autopsy shows cash app founder, Bob Lee had cocaine, Ketamine, alcohol in his body when he died

Reports from the autopsy of the founder of the cash app, Bob Lee showed that he had cocaine, alcohol, and ketamine in his system when he died.

Recall that Bob Lee was found in a pool of blood after suffering multiple stabs, one of which pierced his heart. He was declared dead on the operating table at San Francisco General Hospital after battling for his life for 4 hours.

Bob Lee

Bob Lee, the co-founder of Cash App was allegedly stabbed by a colleague identified as Nima Momeni who was also arrested a week after the sad incident happened.

The autopsy from the San Fransico Medical Examiner revealed that Bob Lee had a mixture of drugs and alcohol in his system when he was stabbed.

The alcohol was equivalent to the amount of beer and the ketamine could have been given as anesthesia in the hospital”, the chief medical examiner, Dr. Kendell Von Crowns said in the statement.

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