BBNaija All Stars Winner, Ilebaye, Clarifies Intent Behind Donation Request Amid Online Criticism

In the wake of heightened scrutiny from the online community, Ilebaye, the recent victor of BBNaija All Stars, has broken her silence to address the controversy surrounding her recent tweet. The uproar ensued after she utilized her X handle to share her account details, urging fans to contribute amid concerns about fraudulent schemes.

Ilebaye initially sounded the alarm on a trending scam, revealing that some individuals were exploiting her fanbase under the pretense of her identity. In an effort to safeguard her supporters, she publicly disclosed her official account number, emphasizing its authenticity for those willing to give.

However, the move seemed to have triggered a misunderstanding among netizens, who inferred that Ilebaye was seeking additional funds despite her substantial prize of N120 million. Responding to the misconceptions, Ilebaye took to Twitter once again to clarify her intentions. She asserted that her previous tweet aimed solely to protect fans from falling victim to scammers and emphasized that she never intended to solicit funds.

In her statement, Ilebaye explained, “This tweet was solely to avoid people who WANT to gift falling into the hands of scammers. We didn’t solicit for funds, we only highlighted the account we have access to. Too many fake account numbers are circulating, and we will not be held accountable for any misappropriation.”

The clarification seeks to address the confusion surrounding Ilebaye’s original tweet and reinforce the legitimacy of the provided account information. As the digital discourse continues, it remains to be seen how Ilebaye’s clarification will resonate with her online audience and whether it will quell the ongoing criticism.

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