CeeC Embraces The Toxic Vibes in The BBNaija House. Says She Can Now Be Herself

BBNaija ‘All Stars’ housemate CeeC has openly expressed her fondness for the increasingly toxic dynamics within Biggie’s house, claiming that it grants her the freedom to be her true self. As the house has recently been marred by various dramatic incidents, including Ike’s disruptive behavior with Ilebaye’s belongings and Soma’s altercation with Angel, tensions have escalated among the contestants. The result has been the accumulation of strikes for rule violations committed by several housemates.

CeeC addressed the prevailing atmosphere of toxicity in the house and notably revealed her inclination towards it. The lawyer-turned-housemate underscored how the heightened tension and charged interactions allow her to shed inhibitions and express herself authentically, shielded from the fear of judgment due to others displaying a similar disposition. CeeC’s candid remarks shed light on the complex dynamics at play within the house.

Taking her sentiments further, CeeC delivered a pointed admonishment to all housemates, cautioning against underestimating her. Her unequivocal declaration sent a clear message that she is not to be trifled with and won’t shy away from asserting herself amidst the mounting tensions.

As the season unfolds, CeeC’s unexpected embrace of the toxic atmosphere in the house adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing drama. It remains to be seen how her attitude will impact the ongoing interactions among the housemates.

Watch the video below:

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