BBNaija Season 8 All-Star: Housemates CeeC and Whitemoney Clash (video)

Tensions soared within the confines of the BBNaija Season 8 All-Star Edition house as a fiery confrontation unfolded between two prominent housemates, CeeC and Whitemoney. The heated showdown, which gripped the attention of both fellow housemates and viewers, stemmed from a private conversation that had taken place earlier between CeeC and another housemate, Doyin.

The incident took an unexpected turn as Doyin shared sensitive information with CeeC, revealing that Whitemoney had allegedly been actively discouraging fellow housemates from engaging in any form of interaction or communication with CeeC. Doyin’s revelation indicated that Whitemoney’s interactions with CeeC should be limited to tasks and challenges, casting a shadow of confusion over the motive behind his actions.

CeeC was taken aback by the news, and her emotions reached a boiling point during a gathering that included several other housemates. In an unreserved display of frustration, CeeC voiced her feelings about the matter, firmly expressing her decision not to forgive Whitemoney for his purported words and behavior. She vehemently labeled Whitemoney’s alleged actions as hurtful, morally objectionable, and even described them as “evil.”

In defense of herself, CeeC underscored the absence of a justifiable reason behind Whitemoney’s reported directive. She passionately argued against the notion that she should be excluded from regular social interactions and maintained that such behavior had no basis.

Video below:

As the BBNaija All-Star Edition continues, the fallout from this confrontation is sure to keep audiences engaged and intrigued by the dynamics among the housemates.

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