Brymo Admits to Affair with Married Lawmaker

Musician Opens Up About Controversial Relationship

Controversial artist Brymo has openly admitted to having an affair with a married member of the Niger State House of Assembly. He shared this revelation in an audio message posted on his social media page, revealing a previously unknown chapter of his life.

In the message, Brymo detailed his secret relationship with the female lawmaker, acknowledging that their connection went beyond mere friendship. He described intimate encounters between them and recounted how she invited him to perform at her sister’s wedding in Niger State.

Brymo revealed that upon arriving at the event, he was surprised to find another artist present, though he chose not to disclose their identity. Despite this, he continued with his performance as requested by the lawmaker.

The musician expressed concern about fulfilling the lawmaker’s request to perform for her husband after their alleged intimate encounters. Brymo also mentioned that the politician generously compensated him for his performance, both on stage and off, paying him twice for his efforts.


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