Chisom Responds to Critics Amid Davido Pregnancy Controversy

Chisom Flower, the Nigerian woman who recently accused Davido Adeleke of impregnating her, has finally responded to her critics. Chisom gained attention after sharing a viral video in which she claimed to have had a relationship with Davido that resulted in a pregnancy.

According to reports, Chisom alleged that Davido had encouraged her to terminate the pregnancy in exchange for a sum of N10 million. However, after she went through with the termination, the musician allegedly refused to fulfill his promise and pay her the agreed amount. Chisom reiterated that she, too, was a victim of Davido’s actions, amidst the ongoing discussions surrounding reports of the singer impregnating a US model named Anita Brown and a French woman named Ivanna Bay.

Following the release of her video, Chisom faced backlash from several internet users who accused her of seeking attention and clout. In response to the criticism, Chisom took to her Instagram story page to address the situation and urged Davido’s followers to leave her alone and stop labeling her as a clout chaser. She wrote, “Y’all should leave me the f%ck alone. Next!” while sharing a sultry video of herself.

Chisom took to her Instagram story to address the situation and request privacy. Amidst the ongoing discussions and criticism surrounding her claims, Chisom urged the singer’s followers to respect her privacy and refrain from labeling her as a clout chaser.

In her Instagram story, Chisom wrote, ““Y’all should leave me de f%ck alone.….” Her statement indicates her desire to distance herself from the public scrutiny and negative comments that have arisen as a result of her allegations.

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