Debt Drama Unfolds: Young Woman Accuses BBNaija Star Mercy Eke of Unsettled N1 Million Debt (Audio)

Twitter Erupts as Allegations of Unpaid Debts and Vote Buying Surround Reality Star

A young woman named Debbie has taken to Twitter to publicly accuse BBNaija reality star Mercy Eke of failing to repay a significant debt amounting to N1 million following the conclusion of the reality show.

Debbie utilized a ‘Twitter space’ to address the issue, claiming that both Mercy Eke and her sister, Promise, had not fulfilled their financial commitment to purchase premium “ICUs” for voting during Mercy’s stint on the popular reality television show.

The accuser detailed facing threats and intimidation from Promise, Mercy’s sister, after making her grievances public. According to Debbie, the refusal to repay the debt was attributed to Mercy’s second-place finish in the BBNaija competition, as opposed to securing a victory.

The allegations made by Debbie have sparked mixed reactions from fans and followers of the reality star, as well as those closely following the unfolding saga. Concurrently, some fans have come forward with alleged information claiming that Mercy Eke herself had set aside a substantial N4 million to purchase votes in an effort to clinch victory in the reality show.

It is crucial to highlight that this controversy arises shortly after Mercy’s sister, Promise, openly criticized the BBNaija production team for her sister’s second-place finish, asserting that both she and a group of supporters known as “mercenaries” had worked diligently to ensure Mercy’s victory.

Listen below:

As the social media storm rages on, the public awaits responses from the parties involved, and this latest controversy adds a layer of intrigue to the aftermath of Mercy Eke’s BBNaija journey.

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