GenZ Baddie BBNaija All Stars Winner Ilebaye Mocks Haters with Lavish Celebration

Ilebaye Odiniya flaunts wealth in a jaw-dropping Instagram live, daring critics while basking in the glory of her N120 million victory

In a triumphant celebration, BBNaija All Stars winner Ilebaye Odiniya, popularly known as GenZ Baddie, took to Instagram to throw a subtle shade at critics and express her joy over their displeasure. The 22-year-old millionaire, who emerged victorious amidst fierce competition, showcased her grand prize of N120 million in a recent live session.

During the Instagram live session, GenZ Baddie addressed fans of opposing contestants who trolled her, urging them to channel their energy into wealth creation rather than engaging in online criticism. With a confident demeanor, she emphasized the challenges and achievements of being an All Stars winner.

“As e dey sweet me, e dey pain them. Youngest millionaire in town, purrr! If e easy to be All Stars winner, try am. If winners are speaking, keep quiet. Your mates are making money, you’re here on live trolling me,” she remarked, highlighting the success and financial gains associated with her victory.

Amidst the playful banter, GenZ Baddie expressed gratitude to her supporters for showering her with a money cake and a bouquet. The live session showcased the winner’s unapologetic celebration of her achievements and a firm response to those attempting to dampen her success.

Watch the video below:

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