I Think Burna Boy is Gay- Davido’s Alleged Side chic, Ivanna Bay

Ivanna Bay, who is allegedly singer Davido’s French side chic, has stirred up a storm on social media with her recent live session update concerning Burna Boy. During the session, Ivanna openly shared her opinion with her followers, suggesting that the renowned “Last Last” crooner might be gay. Her comments about Burna Boy’s love life, or rather the lack thereof, have sparked discussions online.

Expressing her viewpoint, Ivanna stated that unlike his music counterparts Davido and Wizkid, Burna Boy does not have any children or baby mamas, which she finds peculiar. She went on to speculate about the singer’s sexual orientation, claiming she had heard rumors suggesting he might be gay. These remarks by the French woman have garnered attention and triggered reactions across various social media platforms.

Watch the video below:

While Ivanna Bay’s statements have caused a stir among fans and followers, it is important to note that these are her personal opinions and should be treated as such. Burna Boy, a prominent figure in the Afrobeats genre, has not made any public comments regarding these speculations or his personal life.

Public figures, including artists like Burna Boy, often face rumors and speculations about their personal lives due to their high-profile status. As fans and followers engage in online debates, it is essential to maintain a level of discretion and refrain from spreading unverified information.

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