I’m very attracted to Kiddwaya, I would like to sleep with him – Doyin 

Bbnaija All stars contestant Doyin has stirred up intrigue among her fellow housemates by openly expressing her unconventional sentiments towards billionaire heir Kiddwaya.

The candid revelation occurred during an intimate conversation between Doyin and fellow housemate CeeC, which unfolded in the lounge area. The discussion quickly gained attention as Doyin disclosed her intriguing attraction to Kiddwaya. Despite not necessarily holding a high regard for his personality, Doyin confessed that she feels an irresistible pull towards him.

Sitting in the lounge, the two participants engaged in a heart-to-heart dialogue that quickly became the talk of the reality show. Doyin didn’t shy away from sharing the details of how Kiddwaya had extended his support to her following a recent altercation with another housemate, Cross. This unexpected display of concern seemingly ignited Doyin’s unexpected fascination with the billionaire heir.

While acknowledging that their personalities may not align, Doyin astonishingly expressed her desire for a more intimate connection with Kiddwaya. She even went on to assert that she would be open to pursuing such a relationship if she could somehow disentangle his personality from the equation. This startling confession caught CeeC off guard, prompting her to visibly blush before agreeing that Kiddwaya indeed possesses a certain charm that’s hard to ignore.

Watch the video below:

The revelation has left the housemates and viewers alike speculating about the dynamics within the house and the unexpected connections that can arise in such an environment. As the reality show unfolds, it remains to be seen how this newfound revelation might impact the relationships and interactions among the contestants.

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With the house constantly abuzz with discussions and unfolding dramas, it’s clear that Doyin’s candid admission has added another layer of intrigue to the ongoing saga in the reality show.

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