Pretty Mike Makes Dramatic Entrance at Veekee James’ Wedding with Dark Theme

Socialite’s All-Black Entourage Sparks Controversy at Fashion Designer’s White Wedding

Pretty Mike, known for his extravagant and sometimes controversial antics, made headlines once again as he arrived at the wedding of fashion designer Veekee James with an all-black entourage, sparking a mix of awe and controversy.

The socialite, whose real name is Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu, is no stranger to making dramatic entrances at high-profile events. This time, he chose to make a statement by arriving at the white wedding of Veekee James accompanied by a group of men and women dressed and painted entirely in black.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, Pretty Mike provided insight into his choice of theme, citing the challenging times the world is currently facing. He emphasized his determination to confront obstacles head-on and expressed his commitment to living life to the fullest despite the darkness surrounding him.

“We are in dark times, well as for me… I like to face them square on…one thing is for sure, I’m not going to let anyone hold me back, we living this life to the fullest 🙌🏼🍷,” he captioned the video, along with a clip showcasing his grand entrance.

While Pretty Mike’s bold entrance garnered attention and admiration from some quarters, it also sparked controversy and debate among social media users and wedding attendees. Some praised his creativity and boldness, while others criticized the move as attention-seeking and inappropriate for a wedding ceremony.

Regardless of the differing opinions, Pretty Mike’s presence at Veekee James’ wedding undoubtedly added an element of surprise and spectacle to the event, leaving guests and observers buzzing about his latest extravagant stunt.

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