Tacha-Davido Tattoo Saga Resurfaces: Podcast Guest Sparks Controversy (Video)

Cherry’s Remarks Reignite Debate Over Davido’s Lack of Recognition for Tacha’s Tattoo Gesture

The long-buried issue of reality TV star Tacha tattooing Davido’s face on her chest has resurfaced, thrusting the contentious topic back into the spotlight thanks to remarks made by podcast guest Cherry. During a recent interview, Cherry expressed her disappointment over Davido’s failure to acknowledge Tacha’s bold gesture, igniting a fresh wave of discussion across social media platforms.

Cherry, speaking on the podcast, conveyed her belief that Davido should have shown gratitude to Tacha for immortalizing him with the tattoo. She revealed feeling hurt by Davido’s apparent indifference and speculated that Tacha’s perception of Davido could change if he were to finally acknowledge her act of devotion.

The ongoing saga between Tacha and Davido has been marred by sporadic conflicts over the years, with the most recent incident occurring when Tacha sided with Tiwa Savage amid rumors of a feud between Tiwa and Davido earlier this year. Cherry’s commentary has prompted speculation about whether the recurring tensions between Tacha and Davido encapsulate the energy she alluded to in her remarks.

Despite the passage of time since Tacha’s tattoo controversy, the incident resurfaces periodically, serving as a reminder of the unresolved tension between the two personalities. Tacha eventually removed the tattoo after years of being disregarded by Davido, who notably endorsed a post criticizing her for the tattoo.

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