Tunde Ednut Highlights Wizkid’s Impact on Elevating African Artists at BET Awards

Wizkid’s Stand Against Inequality in BET Awards Treatment Earns Him Reverence Across the Continent

In a recent video posted by popular influencer Tunde Ednut, insights were shared on why Afrobeat sensation Wizkid is held in higher regard than his peers, Davido and Burna Boy. According to Ednut, Wizkid’s significant role in reshaping the treatment of African artists at the BET International Awards is a key factor in his elevated status.

The video, shared on Tunde Ednut’s Instagram page, delves into the period before 2018 when African artists often received their BET Awards backstage. Wizkid’s pivotal moment came in 2017 when he won the BET Award for Best International Act but chose not to attend, accusing the award show of insincere support for African artists.

Wizkid voiced his dissatisfaction, stating that if African artists were not given the same level of respect as their international counterparts, he preferred not to be recognized. Surprisingly, his criticism had a noticeable impact. In 2018, when Davido secured the BET Award, there was a visible change as he was welcomed to the main stage and presented with his prize in front of a live audience.

“Beyond his musical prowess, one of the significant reasons Wizkid commands respect across Africa is his pivotal role in changing the treatment of African artists at the BET Awards,” the video highlighted.

The voiceover in the video emphasized Wizkid’s stance: “If you are not gonna show us the same love, you show your international artiste, if you’re not gonna show us that same love on the main stage then don’t show us no love until we don’t want it.”

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Captioning the video, Tunde Ednut expressed his admiration: “RESPECT!!!! ✊🏽.” The video underscores Wizkid’s enduring impact on the recognition and appreciation of African artists on international platforms.

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