Nigerian Comedienne Tomama Opens Up on Avoiding Lagos House Parties, Citing Distaste for Games

Tomama Reveals Why She Steers Clear of Truth or Dare at Social Gatherings in the City

Renowned Nigerian comedienne Oluwatoyin Albert, popularly known as Tomama, has candidly shared the reasons behind her decision to avoid house parties in Lagos, shedding light on her discomfort with the games commonly played during such events.

Taking to her Instagram page, the content creator posted a revealing video where she expressed her disdain for the games, particularly singling out the popular choice of Truth or Dare. Tomama highlighted her aversion to the way the game is orchestrated, unveiling the aspects that leave her repulsed.

In the video, Tomama disclosed that the way Truth or Dare is played at Lagos house parties leaves her displeased. She elaborated, emphasizing that choosing the dare option often leads to uncomfortable challenges, specifically being asked to remove ten items from her body.

Adding to her discomfort, Tomama revealed that if she declines the challenge, she is compelled to consume a drink, creating a situation where she feels compelled to participate when intoxicated.

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