Nollywood Actress Olaide Oyedeji Calls Out Deadbeat Fathers on Instagram, Offers Support to Single Mothers

In a candid social media post, Nollywood actress Olaide Oyedeji expressed her disappointment with neglectful fathers, referring to them as “deadbeat fathers” and mere “sperm donors” for failing to fulfill their parental responsibilities. Olaide took to her Instagram page to voice her frustration and extend her prayers and support to women who take on the dual role of being both mothers and fathers to their children.

In the heartfelt post, Olaide Oyedeji addressed all the deadbeat fathers, expressing her discontent by wishing them an unhappy Father’s Day. She candidly stated that these individuals, who have neglected their responsibilities, are not deserving of the title “father.” She emphasized that they have merely contributed biologically as sperm donors, leaving the burden of raising their children solely on the mothers.

Olaide’s post not only criticized the negligent fathers but also highlighted the strength and resilience of single mothers who step up to fulfill both parental roles. She acknowledged the challenges faced by women who bear the weight of providing and caring for their children alone. Olaide offered prayers for these remarkable women, wishing them continued divine provision.

The Instagram post read, “To all the deadbeat fathers out there eku oshi, ti Yinta, you’re just a sperm donor that fathered a child to this world for a woman to shoulder your responsibility for your deadbeat life YOU AIN’T A FATHER. Unhappy Father’s Day to the unhealthy fathers out there. May God continue to provide for us the women that are playing the role of both of your (supposed children) IRE OOO.”

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Olaide Oyedeji’s candid expression of frustration and solidarity struck a chord with many social media users who resonated with her sentiments. The post served as a platform to shed light on the struggles faced by single mothers and the significance of absent fathers in the lives of their children.

While her Instagram post aimed to bring attention to the issue of absentee fathers, it also sparked discussions surrounding the importance of responsible parenthood and the support that single mothers require in fulfilling the demanding role of both mother and father.

As the post continues to circulate online, it serves as a reminder of the need for society to address the challenges faced by single mothers and the significance of involved fatherhood in nurturing the next generation.

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