Put An End To Monumental Atrocities – APC Warns Tambuwal

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Sokoto State has urged the outgoing Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) administration led by Governor Aminu Tambuwal to act without frustrating the efforts of the incoming administration.

The APC chairman, Alhaji Isa Achida gave the warning while addressing newsmen in Sokoto on Wednesday.

According to Achida, the APC wants the outgoing government to act sincerely without taking any negative action aimed at adding insult to injury.

The party condemned the appointments the outgoing administration was making in the state civil service adding that when they take over power there would be a review.

“It is common knowledge that the outgoing administration has already committed monumental atrocities to the economy and social life of Sokoto state.

“This is such that even the most benevolent leadership will require extraordinary effort to surmount.

“To add insult to injury, the outgoing administration is now engaged in making new appointments into the higher echelon of the state civil service.

“Moreso, making new appointments in traditional institutions, recruiting new and in some cases irrelevant staff and contract appointments to retired civil servants,” he said.

The APC chairman added that cases of allocation of plots of land and public properties to individuals are being recorded.

“This is as well as making suspicious variations on some contracts intended to cover up cases of fraud,” he said

Achida, however, said the APC is not interested in engaging in a war of words with the outgoing government.

“APC wishes to warn that while we do not deny that the outgoing administration has the prerogative to make allocations, appointments and orders.

“Any of such made to preempt our government will be subjected to review and where they infringe with any extant laws will surely be set aside,” he said.

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